A Strength Coach's Greatest Honor

I love the opportunity that a personal trainer has. To be trusted with someone’s body is an incredible honor. Someone has made the decision to put the fate of their one body in the hands of your knowledge and effort. In my first year as a Strength Coach, I felt no greater feeling than watching an athlete walk through my door in pain and walk out that same door with none. In my second, I felt no greater pleasure than standing in the background as my professional baseball team hoisted the Northwest League trophy. And in my third and fourth season, I felt no greater joy than watching the athlete’s I worked with get the phone call they’ve dreamt about since they were little boys.

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We often say that personal trainers and strength coaches should be paid more but it is up to the collective professionals to demand it through action.

Education isn’t just an investment in your career but an investment in the career of every trainer out there hopping from gym to gym and subway to subway trying to afford their chipotle burrito that they wolf down between sessions before ultimately resting their head on their pillow at 10pm before rising again at 4:30 to repeat the process.

Only you can dictate your worth. If you want to be paid more. If WE want to be paid more, prove it. Show yourself that you’re willing to earn it.

Today, I have the privilege of sitting back and watching former athletes succeed in the NBA and MLB. I get to watch them play against LeBron James or Mike Trout and remember how we used to “activate” their hamstrings or walk around the stadium for a flush walk. But those memories started in the classroom. The flush walk was born out of the realization during a weekend seminar that the heart rate was the important part, not the optics of going for a run.

Education inspires change.

Education transforms an industry.

Education changes lives.

***Don't Forget to Build Your Network***

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