Why Your Fitness Business is Stuck in the Mud


In order to go somewhere you’ve never been, you have to do things that you’ve never done.


Normal is broken.


Do you know what normal is?


Normal is a 9-5 job.


Normal is being afraid of risk.


Normal is binge watching Netflix or scrolling through Tik Tok for hours.


Normal is a dying business.


Success is not normal.


But we gravitate towards normal with a real magnetic pull. It’s the first place we all go when starting our business.


Every fitness entrepreneur I have ever worked with has started with the classic lineup of a “customized workout program, detailed assessment, nutritional guidance, a private Facebook group” and all of that straight up vanilla ice cream that doesn’t actually make anyone want to buy it.


There is a difference between what is expected of you and what actually sells.


If that is what your offer looks like, that’s normal. But normal isn’t what you want.


Remember, normal is a dying business. You may not want to admit it, or even realize it, but if this sounds eerily similar to your sales pitch, your business is dying.


When I first started learning exercise science, there was SO much information. I started realizing I was doing everything wrong. I started with squats, bench press and deadlifts and suddenly realized I knew nothing about breathing, single leg stance, gait mechanics, the visual system, nutrition and neurology.


I spent years learning it all until one day I started reaching the top of the exercise science mountain and the more I learned and the more experience I got, the more I realized none of that stuff really matters. And I ended up on the other side of the mountain back to squats, bench press and deadlifts.



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The business world is exactly the same way. SEO, e-mail marketing, social media advertising, CRMs, blogging, balance sheets, pricing strategies, the list can go on forever, but on the other side of the mountain, there is a secret that lies right beneath your nose. It’s the thing you started with when you first started the business.




When you first started your company, you were a dreamer. You had a grand vision of what would become of your idea.


But then reality hit you and you had to become “practical.”


You stopped being a dreamer and a risk taker and became a cautious, “normal” entrepreneur.


You started saying things like, “I’ll do (insert anything here) once I make $100k.”


You started questioning yourself and being concerned about what other people will say about you.


Instead of building a business, you were building a “normal” entrepreneur.


Great businesses are unique.


Great businesses are exciting.


But you don’t have to manufacture a unique and exciting business. You just have to LET it be unique and exciting.


Want help building your dream fitness business? CLICK HERE to join our FREE  Facebook Community and get the help you need!


The easiest way to be unique is to be yourself. You already are. There’s no effort, you just have to let it happen.


Normal is broken.


Normal is a dying business.


Normal is the shortcut to regret and unfulfillment.


Stop everything.


Do less.






What makes you, YOU?


What makes your business, YOUR business?


The answer you’re looking for isn’t normal.


The answer you’re looking for isn’t conventional.


The answer you’re looking for may go against common sense.


You can’t find the answer by copying everyone else.


The answer you’re looking for is out there, you just have to THINK of it.


If you believe that, how much time are you spending trying to be creative and just thinking?


If you believe that, isn’t thinking significantly more important than “posting more on Instagram,” or DM’ing 50 new prospects?


Thinking is the most undervalued task in all of entrepreneurship.


It’s where businesses go from ordinary to extraordinary.


Just think…

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