What's Your Level?

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"Anyone who has become truly wealthy knows the truth - the only way to become wealthy, and stay wealthy, is to find a way to do more for others than anyone else is doing in an area that people really value. If you become a blessing in other people's lives, you too will be blessed... Money is nothing more than a reflection of your capacity to focus, and your ability to add value and receive back."

Our world fascinates me. People fascinate me. Deep down we all know the answer to our questions. And yet.....

Since launching my blog last week, I've had a few thousand visitors. Of all the readers who will read these opening lines and nod their head in agreement, STILL, maybe 1% will dive a little deeper. 

I thank these people. I owe my career to these people.

I should never have been successful. The people with exercise science degrees and internships should have buried me. They started with a MASSIVE head start. But Netflix is a funny thing. Ahhhh the carrot and the stick.

In every consultation that I have ever done, I tell the coaches that there is so much opportunity in this world because nobody is willing to take it. JUST DO SOMETHING and you'll surpass 99%. I made it to the NBA just a few years removed from being a substitute history teacher with medium effort. Imagine what medium effort could do for you. 

Any extra effort will pay off. Especially in a world where medium effort is so rare that it appears to be massive effort. If you've taken the time read this far, that's medium effort. And medium effort pays off. $100 to be specific. I still have a $100 discount code active for the genMAX Seminar in New York City. I never deactivated it after Christmas. Just type in MerryChristmas and it's yours.

I'm not trying to sell you, I'm trying to show you. Even you had probably started "skimming" before coming across that discount code. 

What are your goals?

What level of effort do you give?

What level of effort do you need to give to accomplish your goals?

What will be the consequences of not giving that level of effort?

So now the blog post is over. You will go forth onto more scrolling. You will continue to chase that carrot. And I thank you for it.

PS: Are you a massive action person? I'll give you more. All you have to do is cold call me. My cell is on the bottom of the page. Don't text. Call.

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