Can I Eliminate Ping-Pong Thoughts?

Inside Bills Brain on Netflix

There's a nice little docu-series on Netflix called "Inside Bill's Brain."

It's about Bill Gates.

From what I understand, this gentleman started a technology company many moons ago that, according to the documentary, became quite successful. He was even able to accumulate a nice little nest-egg to retire on. 🤓

I was drawn to the documentary because I wanted to get inside Bill's Brain! I wanted to see what someone that has generated that level of success is like.

The single biggest anecdote that I took away from the series was something that Gates has been doing for decades...."Think Week."

Gates, took a sliver out of that nest-egg, to purchase a tiny little waterfront home, where, from time-to-time, he will go out there with a bunch of books and just think.

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No TV.

No Social Media.

Just Bill, books and his brain. 

Ever since I saw that, I wanted to do it.

And this is the week I try it...sort of.

I don't have a waterfront cabin....yet. And I'm still working on that nest-egg.

But this week, I'm going to do my best to make it happen.


My company is internet based, so I can't completely avoid technology. I will still run my company but here's the changes I'll make...

  1. ZERO Social Media: This is a big part of my company as well but about six months ago I invested in software that allows me to post on social media without going on social media. So I will only post through that website and I will not click on any of the apps, I won't see comments, likes, shares or retweets until next Monday. 
  2. No TV: This is a firm one! That thing won't go on until next Monday.
  3. No Unnecessary Websites: The big websites for me are always ESPN, Facebook and the WVU Football message boards. They are all gone this week. Business sites only this week.

The reason I am doing this is because I want to improve my focus. I believe that social media, TV massively contribute to distraction. 

In the past three months I've put a HUGE emphasis on focus and I've noticed that scrolling through Tik Tok makes it extremely hard to keep focused!

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  1. I expect it will be slightly difficult at first. I honestly don't watch a ton of TV and I don't spend a big chunk of time on social media but the habits are still in there. I always watch some YouTube videos before bed on my Apple TV and I check social a lot throughout the day. I don't scroll a lot but I do find myself getting sucked in to whatever app I'm checking and I often start looking at something completely different and end up closing the app without ever accomplishing whatever it was that I originally opened it to do.
  2. I expect it will be really easy and almost refreshing by Wednesday. That's how things like this usually go. I'll find other things to occupy those free moments. I'll play more guitar. Read more books. Meditate more. Go for walks. Do those breathing exercises I always say I'm going to do.


  1. I hope to have more clarity inside my head. I hope that my thoughts don't bounce around like a ping pong ball as much at some point this week. I really believe social media absolutely CRUSHES your ability to not have ping-pong thoughts. I want to explore my intuition more and with ping-pong thoughts, it's hard to know what your intuition is versus what is being generated by the higher centers of your brain.
  2. I hope that it's easier to work because I don't have a Netflix show that I'm looking forward to watching. I usually stop working between 6pm and 7pm and fire up something on my Apple TV. I'm hoping that my day of work feels easier and less like I'm just trying to get to 7pm to watch Tiger King.
  3. I am hoping to eliminate distraction. I truly believe the only thing separating you from success is you ability to have incredible focus and taking the necessary action to drive that focus into results. I want to drive the shit out of my mind and only leave what's important. I hope that by the week's end, I am really excited about the "hyper-focus" that I've created.
  4. I hope that I'll want to keep going when it's over. This is the ultimate sign of success here. If I can get to the point where I think it's been so helpful that I want to keep it this way, that will be the ultimate victory!
  5. I hope to inspire someone else to try this. My job is not complete if I can't pass the buck. I hope this blog post resonates with someone and motivates them to give it a shot. I really can't imagine this failing. On some level, this WILL be helpful. It's just a matter of how much.

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