The Secret Fascia That is Ruining Your Workout

The Body's Internal Organs

Until recently, fascia was simply discarded during dissections. It was deemed irrelevant during anatomy lessons. Thankfully those days have come and gone. 

I often describe fascia as a net around your muscles to the clients that I see but it is truly so much more. 

Fascia has a tremendous impact on your training program and if you understand how it works, you can use it to your advantage.

But there is a type of fascia that still hides in the shadows but has some serious thump in determining your health and performance. It's the fascia around your internal organs. This is called visceral fascia.

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This type of fascia is activated when it is stretch. It will then send a signal via the Vagus Nerve up to the brain that something is cooking beneath the surface. When organs become inflamed, the brain needs to be aware of it and this is how it works.

The Vagus Nerve has a big role in the body. If you're working with an athlete who isn't quite themselves but you can't really put a finger on why, the vagus may be your culprit. It may be regulating some sort of situation brewing with your visceral organs. You can read more about the Vagus Nerve here.

What's really cool about visceral fascia is that it comes up to the surface and connects with more superficial fascia at designated points in the body. With this in mind, you can now manipulate this fascia that can manipulate tension internally which can completely change the signal being sent to the brain via the Vagus Nerve. That oughta get your brain spinning and I hope it fires you up as you can see the magical impact you can have on someone if you just educate yourself at a high level. 

Since the visceral fascia integrates with the more superficial fascia, that means that faulty postures and movement patterns can translate into your internal organs. WHOA! I feel like I should just stop here, drop the mic and let your mind try to collect itself. 

If you want to learn about fascia, I have created an entire online course on it. No stone is left un-turned in my genMAX training model. I need to understand everything so that I can eliminate all obstacles to high level performance and fascia is a big time obstacle.

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