The Secret Behind My genMAX Training Model

Strength and Conditioning Coach Sean Light teaches Exercise Science at his genMAX Seminar

If you're reading this you are probably like me. I am genuinely curious about the way the human body works. I think there are some really magical things that we can do if we are smart enough.

In creating the genMAX training model, part of me is creating a model that can fight disease. I frame it as athletic performance because I've always been an athlete but I know there is something much bigger here. 

I've read books on cancer, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, dementia, alzheimers, trauma and what always amazes me (and I'm not just saying the word "amazes" because it fits here, I say it because it truly amazes me) is the root of many serious health issues appears to be the same root as solving tight calves, visual systems that go a bit haywire, and trying to jump higher. 

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The genMAX model is designed to give you neurological freedom and the ability to be as strong and powerful as you need in single leg stance. Many serious diseases appear to be a result of chronically poor neural freedom and chronically inefficient single leg stance. 

If you don't believe me, you don't understand the model. 

Great single leg stance requires the mental freedom from stress.  The presence of stress will produce a fearful system that is in "fight or flight."  In the physical body, this looks like an extended spine, anterior pelvic tilt and flared ribs. 

Great single leg stance requires great nutrition. The vagus nerve is constantly accessing your viscera (organs) and as you put those sugary treats in on this Christmas morning, your vagus nerve will send signals of danger up to your brain and then we are back in fight or flight.

Great single leg stance requires the ability to do it over a long period of time. Humans were designed to be aerobic. They were designed to hunt prey for HOURS! 

Does this sound familiar? Limit stress, eat well and exercise?

As you begin to peel back the layers of genMAX (achieving your genetic maximum), I want to make sure you see what I see. 

There's something much bigger lurking under the surface of this "athletic performance model."

Your move.

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