The Only Diet You Should Ever Be On

Veggies for Strength and Conditioning Coaches

My entire genMAX training model revolves around getting to the deepest levels. I'm not interested in "good enough."I have constructed it to get you to the ultimate peak of human health and performance. I have thrown practicality out the window and flushed realistic increments down the toilet. I did this because, as trainers, it is INCREDIBLY important that you know what the gold-standard is. You must know what "perfect" is so you can make your practical, real-world decisions responsibly. If you don't know what "perfect" is, then you're just guessing and as you probably already know, I do not accept guesswork at 4A.

Your diet is no different. Just like how human movement revolves around the baseline of single leg stance, nutrition revolves around the baseline of cellular health and function. 

We have heard it a thousand times, "food is the fuel for our body," but that's really too generic to hit home. To really inspire change, we need to have a much better understanding of what is happening at the cellular level. You should be asking questions like "how do cells work?" and "what nutrients make them operate best?"

I have no intention of giving you a diet plan or food you should eat. I'm simply here to point out that most of the "diets" in this world are manipulations of the body to produce a desired result. But the best practice is to eat with the intention of fueling your cells properly. Getting the proper vitamins and compounds into your system to build a machine. 

You are just a collection of cells. These cells require certain foods to function properly. When your cells malfunction, you malfunction. The magnitude of this statement is large but the ignorance of the obvious is far greater. 

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