The Most Efficient Exercises for Weight Loss

Man Exercising with an Incline Treadmill Walk

In yesterday's post, I outlined the most efficient way to lose weight. If you have not read through that yet, click here and read that first. This will give you the method to my madness.

In summary, shedding fat is about the aerobic system. Personal trainers will never see a shortage of clients who are looking to burn some extra fat. A short-sighted focus on calories burned in the exercise session demonstrates to me that you either do not understand how the body works or are unwilling to put in the work. Both options are unacceptable. 

Your emphasis should be on a long burn through the development of the aerobic system. You should be looking to construct a fat incinerating machine that never runs out of fuel. 

If you're focused on fat loss, you have to find a way to measure your heart rate in the gym because it is the single most important factor in determining how well you will be able to burn fat. 

If you don't measure your heart rate, you're guessing. You have no idea which system you're currently training. Guessing is never an option. Especially if someone is paying you money.

When putting together a workout, I want you to understand that nothing matters aside from the heart rate (again, this is if the only goal is to lose weight). You could do literally anything you want. Just stay within the parameters.

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Here are my go to fat burning workouts...

  1. Incline Treadmill Walk:
    This is so far and away my number one and it's not even close. I cannot even begin to tell you how many obvious athletic performance increases I have seen in NBA and MLB athletes immediately after plugging this into their program. I like this because it's consistent, easy to keep the heart rate in the zone and it is not taxing on the body like a run. I wish you knew the insane amounts of success that awaits you on the other side of this exercise.

    You're probably saying "Walking?!? Really?!?" You sound just like the guys on the Lakers. Talk to me afterwards. HR:130-140 for 30-90mins
    Lakers Player Nick Swaggy P Young Working Out with Incline Treadmill WalkThis is an actual NBA player (Nick "Swaggy P" Young) doing the incline treadmill walk before a game in San Antonio.
  2. Circuit Training:
    Obviously I want you to choose safe and beneficial exercises but for fat loss it just does not matter. Pick whatever you want. Keep your heart rate in the zone for 30-90 minutes. Given the up and down nature of effort in this style of exercise it will be harder to maintain the zone. You should find a way to see your heart rate at all times so that you can maintain it. You don't want to fluctuate in and out of the zone, you want to be in it the whole time. HR:130-140 for 30-90mins
  3. Hiking:
    I swear there is something incredibly beneficial about being outdoors. Nature has the "it" factor that I just can't explain. Find a mountain and walk up it. It's nature's incline treadmill walk. Only now we add in nature, proprioception, variability and hopefully some fun. HR:130-140 for 30-90mins
  4. Fun:
    This is the secret sauce on your aerobic development. As long as stress is hanging around, you are going to make things more difficult than they need to be. For me, this would be playing basketball. Nothing is more fun for me. What is it for you? What is it for your client? When you figure it out LET IT RIP. Have a good time. Scratch that have a GREAT time. 

    I spend a lot of time on the subways here in New York City and I just look at the faces of a society that has been repeatedly beaten down by the world. Pummeled day and night by social norms and the numerous anti-fun ways of the world. Fun is a distant memory for these folks and likely is for you too. I'm talking about real fun. Not happy hour. Fat loss aside, I think you should find a way to find extreme joy in your life. Be a little kid again. Go against the grain. Do stuff that does not mesh with social norms. If you mix that in with everything in this article, the fat will be dripping off of you. HR:130-140 for 30-90mins
    Here is a video taken from my Laker days of some great aerobic work and having a ton of fun doing it.

I found some real intensity in myself as I wrote this post. I hope it lit a spark for you. I hope the more you read my blog and take my coursework, the simpler science becomes. At every genMAX course, I encourage the students to get out of their head, do not be so analytical. All we have to do is understand how the body works and go find a way to get what you need in the gym. Any way. Make it up. You don't need to see someone else do it before it ends up in your programs.

If you want to learn more about real exercise science, join the 4A Health Club. You simply will not find a more effective tool to dramatically improve your weight room skillset. Period.

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