The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had to Do

..."He's gotta stop this drill. He's gotta pull me out."

This is how it worked...

You stand on the free throw line with your back to the basket.

At half court, your teammates are in a line facing you.

The coach has the ball and is standing off to the side and he's going to shoot it.

Your job is to get the rebound three times in a row.

Here's the caveat, there's no fouls.

When I first heard that there was no fouls, my first thought was "OK but of course there are some fouls."

That's where I was wrong.

There were actually NO FOULS.

One after another, one of your teammates, completely fresh would essentially attack you at full speed as you are searching the depths of your soul for any remaining energy to get you out of the drill.

There was no worse feeling in my life then getting two rebounds in a row and losing it on the third. 

Just imagine standing there as someone 6-foot-10, 250lbs runs full speed at you (with a running start) and having to find a way to stop him. ACTUALLY FINDING A WAY. Not some metaphorical bullshit. Then right after, someone 5-foot-10 with lightning quickness. Sitting there, reading this article, you simply cannot understand the challenge of this. 

This is where I learned what it meant to give it your all.

I've always been a hard worker but, my god, this is a different level.

The first time I was in this drill, I contracted what we referred to as "wet noodle syndrome." This is when you are so low on energy, that your efforts look a lot more like a wet noodle than a Division One basketball player.

I had been in there for what felt like 10-15minutes. I had never experienced anything like this. 

I kept thinking, "He's gotta stop this drill. He's gotta pull me out."

And then the whistle blew. I was so thankful to be done. 

Coach walked right out to where everyone could hear him and he yelled out, "A few years ago we had [Current NBA Star] in this drill and he was in it for 42minutes."

He then looked up at the clock, back at the team and then finally back to me and yelled out, "YOU GOTTA 24 MINUTES TO GO!"

There was to be no mercy on this day. And I'm so thankful there wasn't.

I reached down as deep as I could and got the job done.

What I learned was that we all have a lot more gas in the tank but you simply can't get there by yourself. 

I could have never pushed myself to that level. I would have quit. 

Every time I had to do that drill afterwards, I knew that 99% effort would have crushed me. Only 100% effort would get me out.

That's when I realized what it meant to give it your all. 

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