The 6 Universal Sources of Value

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Have you ever been to a seminar or read a book where the speaker/author explained how to get a certain result and it seemed so easy but when you went home to try it yourself, it felt impossibly difficult?


That’s how I used to feel about making money.


I would hear guys like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor talk about how “easy” it is to make a lot of money but every time I went and tried it seemed harder than ever!


But I kept digging. I figured, these guys are rich, I’m not, so they probably know something that I just haven’t figured out yet.


I would hear them talk about this concept of the yin and yang, or the polarity of our world. They would talk about the old physics textbook line “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”


They would say if you want to make a ton of money, which I obviously did (who doesn’t) you have to give first.


In Tony Robbins’ book “Money, Master the Game” he interviews a world-famous CEO who says he has never met someone with incredible riches that wasn’t also an even bigger philanthropist.”


All of these “rich guys” kept referring to an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson called “Compensation.” I heard them talk about it enough times that I actually went out and read it myself.


This essay talks about all of the same things that all these great teachers and “rich guys” talk about.


Emerson says, “for first or last, you must always pay.”


“For every reward, a tax is levied.”


He wrote about the “Law of Compensation” which means that, in this world, if you give, you MUST get. It’s a universal law.


And if you take, well, you’ll be taxed on that as well.


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The bottom line is, if you want to be compensated, you have to pay the price up front.


I was starting to understand this LAW of compensation and I was ready to apply it.


BUT there was still one big problem…I HAD NO MONEY!


How was I supposed to pay the price in order to be compensated?


I thought about this for a long time.


I figured, “There MUST be other ways that I can pay the price without having to pay with money.”


And one evening, as I was walking through New York City it struck me.


Money wasn’t the only way you can pay the price. Rather there are 6 Universal Sources of Value that will allow you to be compensated for however much you give.


Are you ready to learn these six sources?


By this point, I hope you are truly chomping at the bit to learn these. Maybe even to the point of skimming right over these words to get to the good stuff.


One final word warning. You will be compensated EXACTLY in relation to the amount you pay. Give a little and get a little.


But if you commit to becoming a MASTER at paying all six of these and doing it better than anyone else, “money will flow to you as easily as water flows downhill.”


Better yet, if you commit to building a vehicle that consistently and predictably delivers these six to the people, you will never again walk into a room and have to intoduce yourself.


Your reputation will precede you…


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I’m sure you are very familiar with this one. The whole world trades their time for money. The 9-to-5 industry was built off of this. I will give you some of my precious time so that I can save a small portion of my life to live as I’d like. There is one major, and obvious problem with this source. It’s limited. And none of us know just how limited our own supply is. People who trade money can do well. They can make six-figures. In some industries they can make more but there is a hard stop.


I like to say that this source is “in the box.” Most people in the world are afraid to step outside of the box. It’s scary out there and it’s lonely, so we will stay in the box, where it’s comfortable. They will continue to trade time for money and go on their merry way.


Trading time for money will never make you rich.


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This is the other “in the box” source. You funnel a small percentage of your earnings (from trading your time for money) into an IRA or Mutual Fund with the hope of getting a nice return over time that will lead to a sustainable and yet modest nest egg for your retirement.


Sure, some people can funnel some money into start-up companies and hope to stumble upon the next Facebook or Uber but those companies aren’t likely looking for your $300. Opportunities like that aren’t available to the average investor. They are seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital and sometime millions, so until you are rich, trading your money for small returns, although it works, is quite limited.


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This is like stepping one foot outside the box while the other stays in.


I’ll credit you here for trying but you haven’t plunged into the deep end yet.


This is when you start a podcast, a blog, create a course or start posting “value” on social media.


The reality is, when most people start trying to produce content and “pay with knowledge” they aren’t teaching anything, rather they are just trying to re-affirm their audience’s beliefs. Teaching new things is scary because it might get rejected.


You should listen to my podcast, this is BIG TIME teaching. I don’t care if you think I’m off my rocker. This stuff works and I know someone out there will take the information and change their life forever.


There is a big difference between teaching and talking.


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OK, now you’re out of the box. You’re in the deep waters with me.


Virtue is your character. It is who you actually are.


Tony Robbins says there are six human needs (Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance Love/Connection, Growth and Contribution) and most people are driven by only two…


Certainty and significance.


We are afraid of what we don’t know. That’s why people are so scared of dying. We have no idea what’s going to happen to us.


On the other side, people want to be somebody. They want to be rich and famous because of the status it will bring them in society.


Take a second to think about the power of a freaking blue check mark on Instagram. People go to extreme lengths to try and get one of those because that is an official declaration of your significance in today’s society.


As long as you are driven by significance, you can never pay with virtue. You are trying to take from this world. And in the few instances where you are successful, life will turn around and take it right back.


Have you ever had a big financial success? Maybe you made a couple thousand bucks in a month and all of sudden your bank account looks a whole lot nicer?


Doesn’t that money always find a way out of your account and before long you end up right back where you started?


This is because you are trying to accumulate money in reverse.


Robbins’ says, in order to properly win the game of money, you must change your driving forces to that of personal growth and contribution. You must become someone who is incredibly capable of delivering a result and you must be committed to contributing that result to the world.


Once those boxes are checked, your virtue will be too.


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When most businesses post on social media, it’s ugly.


“Sign Up Now for Personal Training.”


“Don’t miss our Memorial Day Sale.”


“Now offering Online Training!”


During the COVID pandemic, I walked past a gym in my town that had a loose-leaf paper hanging on the glass door that read (written in magic marker) “Now Offering Virtual Training.”


My first thought was, “this is a complete inability to successfully adapt to the situation.”


Whoever was operating that gym couldn’t have been more inside the box. They couldn’t see the forest through the trees.


As the great Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, says, “they can’t see past the Starbucks on the corner.”


This is the epitome of trying to TAKE from the world. This is terrible intent. This is selfish intent. This is a loss waiting to happen.


Whenever I post on Instagram and my intent is to get something, people sniff that crap out quick. Those posts always get like 10 likes and are never to be seen again.


It’s the posts where I’m genuinely trying to help that blow up and generate way more business for me.


It’s crazy but the intent has to be pure or the world will sniff out your phony marketing slogans and toss you back into the box with the rest of the world.


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This final source of value really struck me while I was looking closely at the fitness industry.


The only reason that someone would sign-up for personal training is if they had hope for a better future and they believed that you are the one who is most capable of delivering that future.


So, when trainers set-up their marketing campaigns, what should they really be selling?


The bottom line is they must construct marketing material that creates hope in their prospective clients and that hope must be reinforced by creating the belief that YOU are the one that’s going to get them there.


If you master the art of selling belief and hope, you will be endlessly wealthy.


I guess it’s time for you to do some thinking……….

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