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The Hardest Thing I've Ever Had to Do

..."He's gotta stop this drill. He's gotta pull me out."

Extreme Ownership for Strength Coaches

On a blistering overnight in Ramadi, Iraq, famed American sniper, Chris Kyle, spotted a dark silhouette in a second story window holding a familiar...

Become An Instant Genius with This Neuro-Hack

What if you could get your brain to tune into a special frequency...the genius frequency?

What Vince Carter Taught Me About Training

I remember being in the weight room at Staples Center in LA. 

Why Strength Coaches Must Control Their Thoughts

Yesterday I started reading a book I had heard about for many years. Yesterday I also finished reading that same book. As a Man Thinketh  by James...

Sean's Blog: May 18, 2020: Club Member Strategy Calls & Presentations

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me as we were able to film the first ever 4A Health Club member presentations to be shown on 4A TV. I created 4A...