Sean's Blog: May 18, 2020: Club Member Strategy Calls & Presentations

VLog Episode 4 With Sean Light about Fitness Strategy Calls and 4A Health Club Member Virtual Personal Training Presentations

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me as we were able to film the first ever 4A Health Club member presentations to be shown on 4A TV. I created 4A TV as a network where club members can build their presentation/speaking skills as well as improve their learning experience.

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There is no better way to learn than to teach. You find the holes in your knowledge that you didn't realize were there. 

One of the other great things about 4A TV is our members can leverage these presentations for future sales and jobs. They will be able to refer potential clients/employers to these presentations that can showcase their skillset and philosophies. It can be a really nice addition to your resume. Presentations is something that stands out on a resume.

Yesterday we had three members, who I believe have been particularly great at adapting to the virtual training world since the Coronavirus pandemic started, present on what has been working for them. They gave TREMENDOUS insight on programming, selling, adding value, resources you can use and so much more. I was genuinely proud and inspired by the efforts and generosity they showed yesterday. This is what I always wanted this club to be and yesterday was one of those moments where it was really coming to life. 

Click here to tune into 4A TV. See what LIVE webcasts are showing right now and  check the upcoming schedule!

It was also the start of another week which means more strategy calls with members. The big topic yesterday was how to get ahead during the quarantine. I firmly believe that we will never experience a greater period in our life for career/financial growth. The opportunity is jarring and unprecedented. We spoke at length about leveraging social media and the tools in each platform that can allow you to start building relationships well before the sale will be made (which is how sales should be made in the first place).

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