Sean's Blog: May 17, 2020: Morning Routines, Focus and Dress to Impress

Sean Light VLOG Episode 3 About Morning Routines, Getting Focused and Dress to Impress

Morning Routine: I think having a morning routine is really important. It seems like most really successful people have one. I really started trying to develop mine after reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. This is my routine:

  • 4:30am: Wake Up; Crush my 32oz Water; Brew Coffee
  • 4:45am: Practice the Guitar
  • 5:30am: Read
  • 6:30am: Workout
  • 7:30am: Get Hyper Focused
  • 8:00am: Start Working

I tried all sorts of different things getting this started but this has been a routine that has been working for me for quite a while. More than anything else, I believe morning routines get your day off on the right foot and it sets you up for success for the rest of the day.


Focus: I don't think you should underestimate focus. I try to get all of my mental and physical energy going in the same direction towards the same goal. I have a goal of getting 3,500 webinar views this month and everything I do is geared towards making that happen. If I start also trying to start acquiring training clients, I am certainly going decrease my chances of hitting 3,500 views because I won't be giving that task/goal the same effort. I try to get my subconscious mind to be constantly turning in that direction, so that no matter what captures the attention of my conscious mind, I always snap back to what needs to be my focus.


Dress to Impress: This concept I picked up from The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill. I am a huge fan of Hill's work. In this chapter, he talked about making good first impressions but more importantly, how it makes you feel as a person. Ultimately, if you have some ambition, you are trying to become a new person. You are trying to elevate yourself. I want to generate a certain amount of revenue and I need to become that person before the revenue comes in. So I ask myself, what would that person wear? How would he act? What would he eat? You are investing up front. Once you have become a person worthy of that result, the accomplishments take care of themselves. You are paid exactly what you are worth.

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