Sean's Blog: May 16, 2020: 4ATV Infrastructure


Today my big task was cleaning up the entirety of 4A TV. I launched this network earlier this week and I just did not like the way it was set up. Users were going right to a form where they could sign up and then, from there they were taken to the 4A homepage which was just simply not up to the 4A standard. So the big thing I needed to do yesterday was polish this up. 

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First thing we did was touch up the homepage with a new banner image and included a button with a new color to indicate where new users can "start now." I also added a few, new media logos from new articles I have been featured in. I also changed each image to black and white. There was something about each logo being in it's full-color form that struck me as unprofessional and not sleek.

Check out the new homepage here.

Next we created an entirely new landing page for the 4ATV Network. Here you can now cleanly see which programs are coming up, learn about what each one offers and navigate directly to the next page. The big move was getting this all on one page and connecting everything with anchor links that allow you to go to the different spots on the page with one click. This will also be helpful for building the SEO credibility of this webpage. It looks MUCH more professional.

Check out the new 4ATV landing page here.

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