One Day Early

The 2020 New Year Celebration

Every year around this time, I try to win my New Year's Resolutions with one simple trick. 

Starting fresh on New Year's is like starting your new training program on a Monday. What kind of sicko starts his program on a Thursday?

There's a few different types of New Year's Resolutions people. 

  1. The Big Dreams Person: This person thinks that 2020 is etched into eternity as "their year." They are going to have a big turnaround. Inevitably by mid-January, they are sitting in front of a TV for a late night Card Sharks marathon with sour cream and onion potato chip crumbs all over their shirt saying they are going to reboot the whole resolution thing on Monday. 
  2. The Simpleton: This is probably the person with the best chance of accomplishing what they set out to do. They pick one, MAYBE two, resolutions that are specific and attainable. You will never have any idea if they accomplish it because they will never mention it again. They will just methodically eat that vegetable at every meal and that will be that.
  3. Mr. Rational: "Why do you have to wait until some arbitrary day to start your resolutions?  Nothing actually changes." This is me, although hopefully less annoying.

Like everyone else,  I've made a thousand resolutions that have never seen February. In the last several years,  I've had a lot more success because I have started early.

I didn't start early because I wanted to show everyone that starting on January 1st is stupid, I did it because it gives me the best chance at success. I usually pick one or two resolutions and start them a few days before the new year. 

In order to stick to my goal, I am inevitably going to have to fight off temptation and this is the first time I will decide to go against the grain.  

I challenge you to start one day early. 

There is power in momentum.

...and if your goal is to be a better trainer, make more money and increase your value, well you can build that momentum at genMAX.

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