Let's Get Yoked

Yoked Prism Lenses for Glasses

You’re probably leaning to the right. Most people are. It’s normal. You are anatomically designed to favor your right side. Because of this, you will stand more on your right leg and you will probably see more on your right side as well. In some form, your perspective has likely shifted to the right.

We can fix this in a number of ways. We could work on strengthening the left side of your body or shutting off the right. We could start working on the respiratory system to make your breathing more efficient. But the coolest solution of all are the lenses you can put over your eyes called yoked prisms.

Yoked prisms shift the way you see the world. Based on how you orient the lens, it will shift your visual perspective left, right, up or down. So if you use a base right yoked prism lens, an object right in front of you will appear to the left. 

How Yoked Prism Lenses Work

The idea behind using prism lenses is not to correct the shift but to exaggerate the shift. Meaning, if you are only seeing your right peripheral field, I don’t want to shift the lens so that you can see the left now, I want to shift you even further to the right.

This is the difference between corrective and compensatory lenses. Compensatory lenses are what most eye doctors prescribe. They allow nearsighted people to still be nearsighted. They allow you to see better but they don’t correct the problem. Corrective lenses are looking down the road to eventually not needing the glasses. Typically, those prescribed compensatory lenses will have vision that continues to get worse.

So why would I want to exaggerate the shift to the right? It’s because I want to encourage a postural adjustment. If you throw the lens on and your vision is now corrected, there’s no need for the body to follow. More than likely, your vision problem started down in the body so attacking this dysfunction is essential.

The visual system is the most incredible system in the body. If you want to learn more about the visual system, I will be hosting a live webinar on vision this weekend to all 4A Health Club members. Make sure you join the club so you can have all-access to this course and all of our previous courses.

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