How Expert Trainers Improve Flexibility

The only real way to get more flexible without compromising anything else in the body is a real top-down approach.

The general rhetoric is to just yank away on your limbs trying to stretch muscles that feel tight. I wouldn't necessarily call this a dangerous strategy but I would call it un-informed...superficial...or ignorant. 

Imagine you are on a beach. Sipping ice cold margies from the oceanside bartender. You have a little buzz going, maybe a great buzz going! Then out of nowhere, I come up to you in your lounge chair and test your hamstring flexibility with a passive straight leg raise test.

Am I right to assume you're going to be loose as a goose and move that leg like a wet noodle? Of course, I am! It's science.

Now let's imagine you are on laying down in the middle of an open field. But not just any open field. You're laying down on this field...

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line battle

That's correct, the Revolutionary War is going on all around you. Muskets and cannonballs are whizzing over your head. Weapons of the 1700's are wildly inaccurate so any gunfire intended for the redcoats could wind up coming right for you. 

Then, like freaking Braveheart, I see you laying in the field and, in the midst of all the hellfire, I run over to you desperate to see what kind of hamstring ROM this wounded soldier has.

What do you think I would find?

Do you think you would be crazy tight and stiff as the battle closed in on you with every passing second? You're damn right I would.

Imagine then, in order to fix the situation, Braveheart started stretching your hamstrings. Because they're tight, so OF COURSE this is what he should do!

You would FREAK OUT!

"GET ME OFF THIS DAMN BATTLEFIELD" you would scream at him!

Once you got back to camp, the battle had long been over and you were in the comfort and security of home, what would happen to your body's flexibility. It would be restored!

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The point is, your brain is going to make the decision on whether or not your body will even be allowed to move through a full range of motion.

If there is perceived danger in your environment, it will restrict your mobility.

So the first step is going to always be addressing, what I call, "neuro-mobility." Neuro-mobility is simply how much mobility your brain permits you to have based on the status of your current environment (both internal and external).

The next step should be addressing the actual soft tissue.

Are their densifications?

Does the fascia need to be released?

What about the capsules? Do they permit full movement or have they been tightened over time?

This is a true top down approach.

Before you stretch, you have to be sure that the muscle is allowed to move, or you will be playing a game you can't win.

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