Extreme Ownership for Strength Coaches

Extreme Ownership

On a blistering overnight in Ramadi, Iraq, famed American sniper, Chris Kyle, spotted a dark silhouette in a second story window holding a familiar object...a sniper rifle with a scope on it. 

Just as Kyle had him lined up in his scope, the shadow retreated back into the building and closed the blinds over.

Kyle, the most prominent SEAL sniper in history, didn't need any convincing to squeeze the trigger but he needed to be certain that he could positively ID the shadow as an enemy intending to do some damage.

Anytime you pick up a book written by a Navy SEAL, you know at the very least, you will get some BADASS military stories but the reason I snagged this one is because I wanted to hear Jocko Willink and Leif Babin's take on taking ownership.

I am always aggressively pushing myself to make my company better. I routinely analyze the coursework and products I have released and make changes to make them better. When I sat down to look at the progress of our 4A Health Club members, I wanted to be proactive in making sure each member understood the responsibility they took on when they joined the club.

It was a responsibility to themselves!

The club is all about taking ownership of your own career. Taking ownership of your outcomes.

In fitness, it's all about controlling the inputs so that you can get the desired output. There is no difference here.

That's why I bought this book. 

And here are my three big takeaways...

1. If you are lacking decisiveness on a particular decision, you have to ask yourself whether or not you have done your homework a lot. In my world, I am constantly faced with decisions that I'm not sure about. Just recently, I decided to add another subscription service to my company's growing list of helpful products. This one, to the tune of $297/month. I had been waffling on the idea for a long time but was never certain, that is until I did my homework. I bought the three books that the creator of this service had written. I investigated others who also used the product and I spent a few hours scouring Google and YouTube for helpful reviews. After all that, the decision was easy. I needed to pull the trigger.

Good thing the American Sniper, Chris Kyle followed the same protocol as that shadowy figure in the window turned out to be a friendly American soldier! They had miscalculated the map of the city and accidentally thought they were looking into an enemy strong-hold.

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4A Health CEO Sean Light Reads Marketing Books by Russell Brunson

2. Decentralized Command is a concept that I am certain all organizations should follow. Every leader has his/her blindspots. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Ray Dalio calls it "triangulating decisions." This is the act of getting at least three opinions on important decisions. The Navy SEALs call it decentralized command. This is where all parties of the team are trusted. If they have been well-vetted by the leader and well trained by all, they should be trusted to not only perform their task but also make changes and commands on their own. If you do not trust your team to do that, where does the fault lie? The leader, always the leader.

3. Organized Planning was the one chapter that I applied immediately. For months now, I have been working to put on the most incredible free continuing education event you have ever seen, the 4A Step-Up Challenge. Every day I sit down and think about what needs to get done but every day it's like starting over.

So two days ago, after reading this chapter, I locked myself in a room for four hours and came up with a detailed plan of how I am going to turn this event into a HUGE success. The plan is so good. I'm sure things will come up and changes will be made but right now, it's so good! 

Click here to save your spot at the 4A Step-Up Challenge for FREE. A week long  educational event to give you the tools to stage your COVID Comeback!

Sean Light shares how he is creating the 4A Step Up Challenge

And better yet, every day I can wake up and not wonder what the day will hold, I have a five page plan and a list of tasks that have been prioritized and are awaiting execution. I will go down these tasks one by one completing each thoroughly. 

This blog is very much on that list. The idea is to generate a great piece of content that I can share across all social platforms for three days (when I will write another post) to continuously drive traffic to the event's landing page. 

Next on the list will be to create and schedule out all social content for the next three days (which is likely how you found this article to begin with)!

Now on to the next task...

The 4A Step Up Challenge

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