This is Everything I Believe In (Full Transparency)

Strength and Conditioning Coach Sean Light Helping Personal Trainers Build Successful Careers

The idea to write this came to me in a meditation this morning. It is an act of complete transparency. It is the start of a shift in the future of my company. I'm writing this paragraph after I have written the entire article and I believe the beliefs that I laid out for you here can serve you tremendously for the rest of your life. 

Please pass this along to others who you believe would benefit from these messages!


I Believe That Exercise Science is Important but it Won't Save You From Yourself: I've almost become desperate to show people this. Too many colleagues of mine have gone back to college in search of an easier path only to come out four years later, $200k in debt and the same problems they had before. It's obviously important for you to be good at your job but it's far more important for you to be good at creating success. It doesn't matter how much info you stuff into your brain if nobody knows you exist. 

I Believe That Neuroscience is the Most Important Component of Exercise Science and (Almost) Nobody Teaches It: There are a few more courses popping up these days with brain science so I will give credit where credit is due but I guarantee you that the wiring in your brain has SIGNIFICANTLY more impact on your performance than all your exercises combined (not including powerlifting, strongman etc.). I have been able to work with the best athletes our planet has to offer and they would repeatedly prove this to me every single day. Elite performance and elite health requires tri-planar movement and what I call neuro-mobility. Your brain has to allow you to move freely. No exercise will matter if your brain isn't allowing your body to move freely. You should become very familiar with the neocortex if you work in the fitness/performance industry (this book on the neocortex is by far my most recommended book). 

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I Believe That Gratitude is the Key to Success: There is a trap in this world. I call it The Strategy Trap. Everyone is eager to tell you what to do. There are infinite self-help books, webinars, blog posts and social media gurus chomping at the bit to tell you what to do. When you have aspirations, you want to learn. You NEED to learn. But just like weight-lifting, there is a point of diminishing returns. At some point, you need to trust yourself. Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated the remarkable accuracy of your intuition in his book Blink. You need to have faith that you can do it. This can only be accomplished when you find gratitude in your life. You must be thankful for what you have. You must be grateful for your own unique talents and the successes and failures that have molded you into the person you are. Without gratitude you are going to get lost in the shuffle. The rat race will chew you up and spit you out and you'll end up realizing that the real leaders are the ones with the most gratitude. 

This is where meditation comes into play. The goal of meditation is to find a way to bypass your conscious thoughts and bring your subconscious to the forefront. The single greatest way to make that happen is to find genuine gratitude. Think of something you are immensely grateful for and let it captivate your soul. 

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You Have to Be Willing to Walk Through the Fire: Consider this your final test. After you've learned everything that you need to know. After you've found tremendous gratitude, there's only one thing left for you to do. You must walk through the fire. I've heard a lot of highly successful people talk about how they chase fear because they know that's where the success is. These people are walking through the fire. It's an act of faith. You can't be incredibly successful if you don't have 100% faith in your ability to come out on the other side. The knowledge you've learned is your fire-proof suit and your gratitude is your oxygen. Neither can get you through the fire alone but together, you will prevail. You must walk through the fire alone though. You must have faith!

We Are Doing God's Work in the Devil's Playground: There's a reason that meditation is easiest very early in the morning or very late at night. The devil is still sleeping. This is simply good vs. evil. Being a force for good means contributing something meaningful to this world. It means contributing a useful service in order to make people's lives brighter. Being a force for evil is everything that detracts from your ability to do that. Which, as you may be realizing, is just about everything else. Social media, TV, happy hours, complaining, jealousy, vodka-sodas and the list goes on and on. You will spend your life either contributing to the force of good, or working for someone who is. Ralph Waldo Emerson instructs in his essay Compensation to "put God in your debt." If you are being a force for good, you will be compensated. 

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You Must Become the Person You Aspire to Be Before Your Goals Are Met: If you want to make $100,000 per year, you have to be a person worthy of that salary. You're asking for the explosion without making the bomb. Button it up. Dress better. Groom yourself. Speak better. Stop complaining. Stop talking poorly about someone behind their backs. Do better work. And do it all at the level you wish to accomplish. Once you have become that person, the goal is automatic. Money is a by-product of excellence. Results are too.

The Amount of Success that I Will Ultimately Achieve will be EXACTLY the Same as the Amount of People I am Able to Help and HOW MUCH I am Able to Help Them: 

If you want to increase the value you can receive, you must increase the value that you can give.

-Tony Robbins

The quickest way to a higher pay-day, career advancement and success is to do more than you are paid to do. No matter your position, we are all in the service industry. So serve. I have created 4A Health to help Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches build successful careers. I will not try to fool any of our members into thinking that my philosophy on respiratory mechanics will get you to the top of your mountain alone. Most of my students already know at least ten times as much exercise science information as they will ever need to know to become multi-millionaires. It's the other things that stand in their way. That's where I can have a real impact. I strive to be remarkably successful. So I must be a remarkable force for good in a lot of people's lives. As my club membership has quadrupled over the last few months, I know that I'm fulfilling my duty, but now I'm raising the stakes. This article is the first step. I want to show you my true colors. I need to prove to you that I am not full of shit.

My Entire Job is To Get You to Pick a Goal and Stay Focused On It: 4A Health has members who want to be NBA Strength Coaches, millionaire gym owners and small college coaches. All of these goals are great! I don't care what goal you pick. I want it to be whatever you dream of. Whatever makes you happy. It's so interesting to me that so many coaches/trainers that I speak with have no idea where they would like to end up in twenty years. But that's ok too! It takes some trial and error. It takes some real thought and reflection. I want you to dream and not be afraid to dream big. Once you have your target set, that's where the 4A Health Club can prove it's worth. It is a constantly evolving platform to keep you engaged long after my motivational speeches have worn off. Most people fall into the category of "drifters." They get excited about something and then they slowly drift away from that effort and consistency. Nothing great can ever be accomplished this way. Heck, probably nothing mediocre can be accomplished this way. I tell every member that consistent effort over time is what will win you the game. "The Club" has been created to make that as easy as possible. 

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The ONLY Thing You Need to Train is Your Mind: The body is just the mind's house. Sloppy body, sloppy mind. I have gotten into the practice of listening to meditation music as I lift and I use each exercise as a way of blasting adversity towards my focus. When I talk to our club members, I find that the rate limiting factor of most of their future successes is their mind. Something between their ears is holding them up. I've also noticed that those who make concessions and are loose with decision-making in other areas of life, show the same looseness with their pursuits of success. Your brain does not work that way. You are who you are. Training your mind is a relentless pursuit of system-wide excellence. Straighten up your house, vacuum the rugs, clean your kitchen sink and pursue excellence like a buttoned-up savage in every area of your life.

I am Secretly Building a Machine to Find Others Who Can Lead: The legacy that myself and 4A will someday leave behind is in the diamonds that we can discover and their ability to carry on this mission as a force for good long after I am gone. I am actively looking for my replacement. I am actively looking for others who will follow these steps with full faith and gratitude and courageously step into the fire. My real job is to be a force for good for as many people as I can and pass it on into future generations. I will continue to build a company that serves this mission. That serves you. That serves future generations. That puts God in my debt. 

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