Your Boats are Burning

Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers Must Burn the Boats

There's an old saying in the entrepreneurial world that goes something like "if you really want to succeed, you have to burn the boats."

The story goes that centuries ago, a warrior and his army sailed to a far superior enemy's country, unloaded his soldiers and equipment and then instructed his men to burn the boats.

As the smoke billowed up into the air, the warrior turned to his army and said, "Do you see the boats going up in smoke? That means we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win. We have no choice. We win or we perish!"

They won.

As long as you have a safety net, you don't have to be all in. You don't have to give your best effort. 

But burning your boats by self-inflicted arson is not an easy thing to do. 

Lucky for you, the Coronavirus pandemic has done your dirty work. 

So now I ask you to turn around and look at smoke, billowing into the empty sky.

What is burning down for you right now?

Your most faithful clients?

Your steady salary? 

For the moment, they are nothing but ash.

"That means that you cannot leave these shores alive unless you win. You have no choice. You win or you perish."

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