Become An Instant Genius with This Neuro-Hack

What if you could get your brain to tune into a special frequency...the genius frequency?

What if you could actually control your thoughts?

I try ALL sorts of things to get my mind to focus and do what I want it to do.

Well you might be able to do just that!

It's no secret that many musicians are considered musical genius. 

Mozart was composing music by the age of five on both the keyboard and the violin.

That's genius!

I listen to songs and am blown away by how creative the lyrics might be or how they decided to put a certain note in a certain place.

One song comes to mind...Be As You Are by Kenny Chesney.

This song is on my all-time favorite album and at the end of the song, it shifts into a bit of instrumental as the song fades away. There are random strikes of the high E chord on the guitar and it blows me away how good it sounds, how simple it is and that anyone could think to do that.

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Musicians are known to be able to reach another level.

They can really dive into their creative brain. 

Many have used the help of some substances to find that creative zone.

But when they are in that zone, they create true works of genius in their music.

Most people find it nearly impossible to access their creative brain...try as they might.

We are in a constant battle with the higher, analytical centers of the brain that usually win the brain battle for all of us non-geniuses.


There's a concept that I've studied in neuroscience called ENTRAINMENT.

Entrainment is when your brain waves literally adapts to the frequency of the music. 

Entrainment is defined by a temporal locking process in which one system's motion or signal frequency entrains the frequency of another system. This process is a universal phenomenon that can be observed in physical (e.g., pendulum clocks) and biological systems (e.g., fire flies).

This is why it's nice to listen to Enya while getting a massage or AC/DC while lifting weights.

But what if you wanted to tune your brain to the genius frequency. You simply find a genius and listen to their music. Just pick the right mood you're going for.

I've actually created playlists on my Apple Music dashboard for different moods I'm trying to elicit. I have an inspiration playlist, a warm-up playlist, a cool-down playlist and more.

Listen to Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho by Hans Zimmer and try to not get pumped up. Not happening!

Listen to Time also by Hans Zimmer and you'll start feeling like Batman. This is the song from the final scene of Inception. I would recommend getting a pair of headphones, going into a quiet room and watching this video and this video will absolutely have you feeling some type of way.

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The composers who write the soundtracks for movies, like Hans Zimmer, are the BEST at evoking emotion and producing entrainment. These are called Score Composers.

Try playing around with some of your favorite movie scores and see how it makes you feel.

As I sit here right now, it's 6:24 in the morning. I started writing this blog and felt like I didn't have much to say. I felt like it was going to be two paragraphs long. So I decided to challenge my own theory.

I'm now listening to Piano Concerto No. 21 by HAUSER. It's a piece composed by Mozart himself.

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HAUSER playing Piano Concerto No. 21 by Mozart

And the words are just flowing right now. 

I feel like I could make this 10,000 words right now if I wanted to but I won't do that to you!

The point is, you can do it too. 

Whatever mission you're on, the only thing that really matters is your ability to manage your mind.

Why not use a PES (Performance Enhancing Song) along the way!

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