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What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach Salary?

Being a Strength and Conditioning Coach can be a very rewarding career, but what about the actual reward? How much money will you make as a Strength...

Breaking Down My Favorite Workout

I'm on record saying how much I love aerobic work. As far as health is concerned, there is no better way to train. I also think that having a wide...

4 Ways to Train the Adductor

The problem with training the adductor is applying a significant enough force to the muscle to get it to strengthen. We can do a lot of things to turn...

Strength and Conditioning Insider Secrets [From Pain to Marathon]

I get the feeling that this is going to be the first in a long series (maybe never-ending) series of Strength and Conditioning insider secrets. 

What's Wrong with the Copenhagen Plank?

I wish I didn't have to write this article. The adductor needs strengthening and there are so few ways to get in there and isolate it but...

The 4 Most Important Injury Prevention Exercises

One of the first things I learned was that our primary job as Strength and Conditioning Coaches is to prevent injury. When I was working in...

What is the Role of a Strength and Conditioning Coach?

A Strength and Conditioning Coach's job is to improve the performance of an individual. 

The Only Diet You Should Ever Be On

My entire genMAX training model revolves around getting to the deepest levels. I'm not interested in "good enough."I have constructed it to get you to...

Why Education is Your Single Greatest Asset

You have to be good at your job. Period

What Super Mario Can Teach Us About Strength & Conditioning

One of the all-time classic video games is Super Mario 64. The savvy veterans of this legendary Nintendo 64 game will be well aware that any time you...