7 (No BS) Strategies to Earn $100k This Year as a Fitness Entrepreneur


You’re not stupid.

But if you haven’t consistently earned a six-figure salary yet as a trainer, it’s not because you’re not capable, rather it’s that you just don’t know how.

You’re willing to do whatever is necessary to get you there, you just want some clarity and some certainty as to what the right moves to make are!

I wanted to write an article that gave you the real. Not fluff. This is the reality that I know.


1. Pricing

Let me guess, when you first started your business, you decided on your prices by seeing what everyone else was charging and finding a nice middle-ground with yours? Of course, that’s you. That’s everyone. I work with entrepreneurs every day and they all say the same thing.

Here’s the thing, over 90% of businesses will eventually crumble to the ground. This means that you’re probably copying a dying business.

There is no strategic advantage to being in the middle.

In fitness, you MUST learn to sell your service at a premium price point. If you don’t, that “first of the month” feeling when your bills are due, is probably here to stay.

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2. Structure

I tell all of my revenue coaching clients that business comes down to two things, math and structure. We covered math (lightly) above and now it’s about your structure.

Allow me to do some more guessing. You let clients come in at the time that works best for them…right? You also will tweak your service, pro-rate your fees and adjust your availability to accommodate different schedules, pricing needs and desires from your customers…right?

And you do all of this to make sure you can keep the lights on.

The paradox is that the very thing keeping your lights on is also running you out of business.

In order to grow a business, you need time and money and most early-stage fitness entrepreneurs don’t have a structure that gives them either.

If you’re offering more than three services, you’re in the danger zone…unless you’re the CEO of Equinox.

If you’re attracting clients with free or super low-ticket trials, you’re on thin ice.

If you’re completely uncomfortable selling someone a $5,000 package, the ice is cracking beneath your feet.

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3. Get a Coach

You came here looking for real advice and here it is. This is how I did it.

I was making all of the same mistakes you were making. I was trying to find a way to close 800 sales at $19.99 every month just to pay my bills. It was ridiculous and made me feel about this big…

tiny gif

The reality is, if you find the right coach, they already have the answer. It’s a no-brainer. Period.

Think of it like paying the bouncer to get you right in the club. Only in this club, Club 100k, cold-hard cash is raining from the ceiling.

The trick here is to do your homework. There are many charlatans more than willing to take your money in exchange for telling you to spam a hundred Facebook inboxes per day.

If you’re like me and want to build a business with elegance, integrity and sustainable effort, there is a better way.

If I were to start my business all over again right now, I would hire a coach immediately. I would find someone who has travelled the path successfully and pay them whatever they wanted to give me the answers.

It actually is that simple.

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4. OPM

Let’s stick with the theme of guessing…

You have found software, courses, coaches and all sorts of resources that you KNOW would really help your business, but you just cannot afford it…right?

Well, maybe you can’t afford it, but do you know who can? Chase, American Express and Visa.

There is nothing worse than taking advantage of the credit card system to buy useless liabilities that will never generate you a single penny on the back end. Plenty of people drown in credit card debt. That’s not what I’m suggesting.

I’m suggesting you do your homework and find resources that really can give you that ROI and then take advantage of OPM, or Other People’s Money, to fund it.

Most credit cards allow you to pay it back interest free for 30 days. That’s a HUGE business advantage.

Let’s do some more guessing, this makes your nervous.

Of course it does! Debt is bad right? Not always!

If you truly do your homework and you know the investment will bring you so much more over time, it’s silly not to.

When I hired my first coach, it was a $5,000 program. I had about $1,200 in the bank but I had done my homework. I was convinced that they could easily get me well above the $5,000 mark. And guess what, they did!

So, have you just not found the right service? Or are you just scared?

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5. Don’t Be Normal

I mentioned earlier that over 90% of businesses will fail. This means that “normal” is failure. Abnormal, is success.

One of the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is they come up with a normal business and normal offers. That’s just not going to cut it.

If your offer is something like, “customized training program, detailed assessment, nutrition advice, private Facebook community” blah blah blah, guess what you have…a normal business.

Normal is broken.

Normal is a dying business.

There is an easy fix here. The easiest way to be unique is to be yourself. You already are unique.

When you first started your business, you had a beautiful vision of what it would become but overtime, practicality set in. And you started making decisions off of what was realistic versus what was beautiful, exciting and could actually grow the business.

No one ever changed the world by being just like everyone else.

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6. Lean into Your Fears

Imagine this, you have to ethically earn $100,000 in revenue this year or else you have to spend the next 12 months in federal prison. How would you earn the money?

Your head is probably flooded with ideas…right? You’d be like a bat out of hell trying to make it happen.

The point is, you already KNOW what to do but the fears and risks are dictating your actions.

You should not be an entrepreneur if you intend to keep that up.

This is a scary game! Believe me, I understand. But it’s not a hard game. Success as an entrepreneur is very simple.

Step 1: Create a GREAT Product or Service

Step 2: Find the Customer

Step 3: Talk to the Customer

Step 4: Sell the Customer

Step 5: Deliver the Product or Service

That’s the game, but if any of these components are paralyzing you with fear, you either need to power through or outsource it to someone else.

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7. Take the Leap of Faith

Tony Robbins said something profound at one of his seminars I was attending. He said, business is just a “series of higher thresholds of control.”

Meaning, as your business grows, you have to be comfortable with less and less control over the business.

The way I see it, it’s just a series of greater and greater leaps of faith.

Every time you want to grow your business, a leap of faith is REQUIRED. Not recommended, but required.

Things like OPM require you to give up some control and rely on someone else. That’s OK! That’s business!

My recommendation to all of you is to re-consider that thing you’ve really wanted to do but feel like it’s too scary or a little out of reach.

Take a deep breath (maybe a few) and just jump.

I promise you, it’s not scary at all on the other side. When you get there, you’ll be annoyed that you didn’t do it sooner.


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