10x Your Training Results by Seeing the Big Picture

Verdict is read inside of a courtroom

Last night I watched part of a docu-series on a recent murder case. The defendant was found guilty and they interview him about how he felt when the jury found him guilty.

"It's as if everything went silent. I couldn't hear anything. Static is the best way to describe it.  I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel my feet on the floor. I couldn't feel my body in the chair. It felt like I was falling forward with nothing to stop me from falling."

The words from the jury's foreman travelled to the defendant via vibrating air molecules. Those molecules were transformed to an electrical signal via the mechanisms inside the ear and were sent up to the brain. The brain then processed the sounds, referred to the neocortex for meaning and the neocortex shot back that he was going to jail for life and maybe sentenced to death which sparked this incredible bodily sensation of numbness and falling. 

On some level, this happens to you in every moment of your life. With respect to the context of this blog, this happens every time you go into the gym. 

Every input that travels into your brain, is being analyzed and processed. Then an output is produced. 

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, I need to control these inputs in order to get the output I want. 

In the moment the verdict was read, the defendant lost his hamstrings. He lost his proprioception. He entered a survival state. If he was taken from the courtroom to the weight room, his workout would have been an utter disaster. 

I need you to see how big of a deal this is in regards to training.

What inputs can you control?

Are your athletes producing counterproductive outputs based on controllable inputs? Oh boy, now you're playing in the big leagues.  

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